How To Participate


It is not too late to participate!  Head over to the mentor section and get some inspiration or simply answer the questions below in a short video/ a written blurb with a picture.

  • What kind of a scientist are you? 
  • What was something that got you interested in studying science?
  • Where do you work?
  • What do you do at work?
  • What is something that you find particularly exciting or interesting about what you do? 
  • Do you have a scientist you admire?
  • What are scientific disciplines, outside of your own, that you find interesting?
  • Is there a scientific question that you think is interesting and/or appropriate for a Hardy student to develop for the “create independent science projects” part of the Science Fair?

You might be partnered with an interested child to answer a few of their questions via email. We are hoping you will be available FEBRUARY 27 from 10am-11:00am to participate and help moderate the LIVE SCIENCE FAIR.


  1. Science Kits: complete the experiments from your Science Kit and take a picture or brief video and submit to either Alham or Doris Pfaffinger These submissions will be added to the Student Submissions section on our website and shared at the Live Science Fair.
  2. Take it to the next level: Are you ready to go beyond your provided Science Kit? Head over the Mentor profiles and check out the mentor contributions. Who would you like to ask some questions or receive help from? You may take a picture or brief video or present a poster live at the Science Fair on February 27 from 10am-11am. Reach out to either Alham Saadat or Doris Pfaffinger and we will connect you.


  1. Ask a question
  2. Make some predictions (develop a hypothesis) about what you think might happen 3. Carry out some tests (experiments) to answer the question
  3. Make observations of what you see in your experiment
  4. Use what you learned from your experiments to answer your question (conclusions)


Websites to help you make a great poster: 

Image result for science fair poster bouncing ball 

Hardy scientist adults can also help answer poster questions…..reach out to Alham Saadat ( or Doris Pfaffinger ( to get connected!